Who We Are

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Equaon is a global electric vehicle company. Our journey started from a dream to make some small good things happen in this world today, so that we could abundantly rejoice in it tomorrow. We welcome every day with a continuous motion and willingness to improve, and to try new directions. That is why we strived to create vehicles that could make our motion a happy one, and prompt ecological thinking.

We founded Equaon with a straightforward vision - to create the best shared mobility solutions that will push the world’s transition to the green sustainable transportation.

Our solutions help bring a more convenient, consumer-focused mobility service, which help cities mitigate against urban congestion and reduce carbon emissions.

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Equaon mobility sharing ecosystem includes a range of patented hardware solutions, ranging from telematics to IoT devices to electric scooters itself.

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Our user-friendly Equaon Connect iOS and Android apps facilitate you to locate a nearby scooter, book it free of charge, and hit the street.

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Equaon electric motor scooters are powerful enough for a quick commute. With the top speed of 45kms/h and range of 80-100 kms, our electric scooters come with helmets, USB charging port and a storage box.